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Let's Go On (the last 1/5th of) An AdVeNtUrE!!!!

choose your own adventure pinned tetris

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what are the rules of this adventure
can i play

high impact

i suggest we investigate that black stuff further down the corridor. is it the same stuff that’s in the bowl?

what’s that orange stuff around on the floor?

what happens if we pick up the rod/arrowhead thing? can we touch it to other things, like rub the arrowhead part on the wall and see what happens?

also there’s a trail of black stuff going into the second door on the right. what’s up with that? kick that door down let’s see

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high impact

i like to read and make the posts

high impact

my previous suggestions still stand btw

high impact

confront the probably vampire directly and ask whats up and how are they doing today

high impact

From: imgay at 2018-06-04 14:38:47
is this dungeons and dragons


high impact

what kinda spells
are they lewd

high impact

is the end of the adventure just everybody fuckin

dum thirsty hors

give 👏us👏the👏link👏

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good thing tiko was here

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chase them away with your nudity

dum thirsty hors
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