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i guess i'll just put some pics here for now

now pics pinned

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my body is ready

bird on skateboard

let me know what features you’d like and I’ll add them
I’m gonna let zone owners make static pages I think
also spoiler tags

bird on skateboard

i meant like, you know how you can edit the MOTD on the index page? you would be able to make pages of just markdown content, like a rules page or an about page or something. maybe put them on the top bar for people visiting your zone

there is no max topic size rn but i can add one lol

Edited by Tiko at 2017-10-08 12:09:072017-10-08 12:09
bird on skateboard

gotta add spoiler support asap

bird on skateboard

spoiler tags work now. you should be able to copy/paste the quoted text from ETI and it will mostly work. other html tags work as well

<one caveat>

gotta replace ETI’s <quote> with <blockquote> though

</one caveat>
Edited by Tiko at 2017-10-11 18:07:532017-10-11 18:07
bird on skateboard

it’s magic

bird on skateboard

i wanna shill this outside eti somehow but it’s hard to explain without showing the old comics
maybe make a thread here with a couple interesting highlights from the previous lgoaas to give people an idea of what it’s like
just an idea :3

bird on skateboard

oh yeah. that could be a good start

bird on skateboard
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