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Let's Go On (the last 1/5th of) An AdVeNtUrE!!!!

choose your own adventure pinned tetris

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You did it! Time to loot!


Besides the XP and money from the fight, all you find is some chitin.


When you get back to town, you’ll be able to sell this to an artisan for some money, but right now it’s kind of useless.

Speaking of right now, what are you going to do right now?

You could either wait around for that teleportation specialist to get here or…


There’s still more of this labyrinth to explore.

On one hand, you might find a way back or something even more interesting. Or you could find more bugs, and you’re not in very good shape to fight any more bugs right now…


well what do you guys think Klaus (blue shirt) should do next then


You decide to at least take a peek through the door. If there’s any more bugs in there, they must have been hiding when you looked, and if they’re that shy they probably won’t attack you just for looking.


There doesn’t appear to be anything creepy or crawly in there, so you keep looking long enough to let your eyes adjust to the light.




no, so now instead of taking 1 year to finish the rest of the topic it’s going to be 3 years, due to the decline in users on ETI combined with me splitting the few readers there are between there and here

maybe I’ll just stop it when i get to a nice ending point.


There’s one interesting thing here in this room, so you head for it.


Wait a minute, two pillars like this seems kind of familia-



Oh great.

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You hope this teleporter is two-way, because if not, there’s not really a whole lot you can do here except for wait.


Here goes-




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Klaus! Klaus? Klaus!?!


You should probably go see Nicola, since it sounds like she’s kind of worried.


After explaining what happened to Nicola, the two of you check out the other thing than the teleporter in the room.


What could this possibly be for?


This thing looks a little weird, so you decide to try and touch it and push around the triangles.


It looks like the triangles are just sitting on top of a layer of ceramic painted blue, but they won’t budge when you try to move them.


You decide to take a look around the room and see if you can find anything that could give you a clue about how this thing works.


There’s not really anything in here aside from the ‘altar,’ the portal and the other door. After giving them a closer look, you can’t quite find anything else of interest on them. Well, you haven’t quite done everything you could to the other door, yet. you’re thinking it probably has the same key pattern as the door you entered, and if so, you could probably find out some useful information in the next room. On the other hand, though, there might just be a bunch of bugs on the other side of that door, and you’re not prepared to deal with any more bugs right now.

Your other idea is that maybe that area through the portal had something that can help you make sense of the ‘altar.’


Hmm… Everything here is in way worse shape than the labyrinth you started exploring with Kitty and Emily and the place you got teleported to and met Nicola and Aiden in. Not surprising, considering up here is exposed to the elements, but it probably means that if there was anything interesting here it would have suffered much more wear and tear much faster and be less identifiable.


Klaus doesn’t seem to be doing much, so you decide to be Nicola.


You, Nicola, are going to figure this device out. It’s not very complex, what if you just press this button-


Oh, that wasn’t a button. It’s just a pattern cut into the ceramic. Something about the two rectangles seems familiar, and something about the shape inside the square looks familiar. But what?


Of course, the symbol in the middle is the number 3 in the ancient script these guys wrote in. You saw Klaus try and fail to move the triangles making the digit, but what if you were to try…




You, Klaus, didn’t find anything that gave you a clue about how the teleporters work, but you did find a rock that’s probably the right size and shape to give you some leverage to see if you can push those triangles around.


That is- unless Nicola already figured it out.


You go through the teleporter again, and see…


Nothing! There’s no light at all in here.

That probably means Nicola actually figured it out! You’re clearly somewhere different than the last time you stepped through the portal.

Now, let’s see if you can shed some light on the situation, and-


Uh oh.


You’ve just though of the best crank to pull on Kitty and Aiden. But first, you’ll need to borrow this.


The hand and forearm comes off easily. You’re not sure whats holding all these bones together, but you need them to stay like this for the joke, so you don’t mind.

You stick the arm through the portal.



Oh right, the portal stopped working because the one pillar fell over.


Unfortunately, these muscles are mostly just for show, so it’s a struggle, but you manage to fix it.

Now, to engage the crank!




Your crank senses are doing the opposite of tingling… You can’t help but feel like nobody even noticed.


Alright, let’s see them ignore THIS!



Now that definitely had to get them good. Now for you to deliver your perfect one-liner:





Alright, that’s a no-go. Time to try it again.


You walk right past Kitty and Aiden and through the door-


And through the portal-


And- huh.


Hey, you’re back here! And there’s Emily!


Who’s her friend, though?



You should probably get to the pressing matters first, but if Nicola found a way for you to get back here, you guess there’s not really any pressing matters for you anymore.

In which case, you can ask about what you really want to know right now-


Do you like who? Isn’t that just a cool pattern?


You can’t read what band that is, and even if you could, you probably have never heard of them. But you don’t want Gabby to know that, you want her to think you’re cool.


Uh oh. You’ve got to think of an excuse, quick. You left the stove on?




Oh right! Kitty! And Aiden and Nicola!


Okay, you don’t actually have to rescue anyone, Nicola already did that. But you do need to tell them they’ve been rescued, so you do.



Oh hey, Gabby came too. You guess if you’re a teleportation specialist, you don’t need to worry about getting sent somewhere you can’t return get back from.



Now that’s a good question! Do you want to keep exploring? Or do you want to call it quits with these bug-filled ruins for today?


Well, you’d like to keep exploring, so you tell Gabby:


It takes more than ten minutes for the doctor to heal everyone, so let’s just skip to the end after everyone is good again and the doctor is leaving…


And since you guys are safe and able to get back home without any help, Gabby leaves as well…


Huh, kind of surprising that she’s the only one. Then again, you’re the only “Klaus,” so you’re not really one to talk.


Now that that’s all done with, you can resume exploring!


If you can figure out how to open the door at the back of the room all those bugs came out from, that is.


You decide to take a look around the room, to see if there’s anything that gives you an idea of how to open that other door.


Hmm… Well, it’s not immediately obvious, if it is here somewhere.

You know there’s got to be a way out, though, because how else would those bugs have gotten in here?


You’ve got a few ideas, so you go ahead and try them out.

Firstly, it might just be the same pattern.


The door doesn’t budge. Apparently, it’s not the same pattern.

Next, you think there might be something that can give you an idea how to proceed on the back of the door you entered, so you give it a spin.


Nope, just the same pattern on each side. Apparently when you entered the pattern on the front, the back got the same entry as well.

You didn’t get a look at the device that controls the portal, maybe the numbers it displays are a hint? Nicola figured it out, so you ask her.




You’ve been in three of the areas designated on the walls in the other room already, so the clue to that door must be in one of the last two!


“Hey Nicola, you figured out how the teleporter works, right? Can you have it send me to one of the two rooms on the wall in the other room I haven’t visited? I think they must have hidden the solution to that door in there.”


“First of all, what makes you so sure there’s an answer to the door on this side of the door? Well, anyways, you don’t need to look though 2, since that’s where Aiden and I came from, and we didn’t see anything significant there.”


“What do you mean by 2?”

Nicola pulls out her phone,


“This way I don’t have to bother Kitty for that notebook she’s having so much fun with. Anyways, there’s five walls with symbols out there, and the teleporter control goes from 1 to 5. As far as I can tell, those symbols on the wall must be either the magic to control the teleportation, or maybe just like the ‘names’ of the places. Anyways, 2 is the one Aiden and I came in here from, so I guess I’ll set it to 1 for you.”


You put your hand through the teleporter and,


Uh oh. It hit a wall and stopped. You give it a push and it doesn’t seem to move. Half your hand is stuck in the portal. What do you do?


You consider the situation for a bit…

(Red in this picture represents the other side of the portal)


You don’t know if whatever it is your hand is touching is movable, or if it goes all the way down to the floor or up to the ceiling.

You can’t get your hand any farther in, so you can’t feel around right now.

The way you see it, you have two options: Either shoulder rush the portal, in hopes of pushing whatever it is your hand is on, or putting your other hand through the portal at a different place and see if you can slip through.


You decide why try one course of action, when you can do both? First, you stick your finger into the portal a little lower and further out to see if perhaps the blockage is just up high.


And you hit the same wall.

It’s going to be a little awkward, but your only other option here is to shoulder charge the wall and see if you can move it.


It does move!


But just a small amount- It must be very heavy. And now you’re stuck partway through the portal, and can’t back up to charge it again.


This may be too heavy for you, but you know just who can move it.


You tell Nicola to keep an eye out, and have Aiden get in position.




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Whoa, everything looks really different here!


Like, Really really different.


Just kidding, that’s not what actually happened. That was drawn by nice and cool friend that I got the cool commissions from.

What did happen, though, is pretty similar:

Somewhere, far awar…





Well, this is it. This is how you’re going to die. Starving to death, unable to move, under an incredibly heavy, hard and strangely warm pile of rocks.


You thought you were being crushed by a rock, but it wasn’t a rock… it was a rock… lobster!


Actually, that’s also wrong, it was Aiden.

You decide to take a look around the room.




After having Aiden peek through to make sure it’s safe (you didn’t tell him that reason, naturally) you look through the curtain.




It looks safe enough, so you decide to look around the room.


Aiden’s right. This place does look very different. For instance, those cups-


This cup looks different from those in the first ruins you explored, and it’s even painted! There’s some gross black crap on the bottom, too.

If you were an archaeologist, this would probably be very illuminating.


From: a small rat at 2018-01-27 18:34:33
i feel like this is something that i should know but why does Klaus have a burny hand

never came up tbh


On a hunch, you decide to check your cell phone.


There’s no connection in here, which makes sense, but apparently at some point between when you started exploring the labyrinth and now you did have a connection, because it downloaded a new message.

There is one other thing you want to try, though.


Those blocks on either side of this bridge look very familiar, so if you were to slowly lower this cup below the bridge-


-while looking into it from above, then something like this-


-should happen!

Interesting. They moved the portal into a different room and halfway dug it into the ground. If you were an archaeologist…


You decide to try to take the cup with you, both because you think you might need one and because you want to see if the portal is also one-way.


As you attempt to pull the cup upwards your hand slips off it, because it’s being held in place by the portal. Must be one way.

Interestingly, when you let go of the cup it starts to fall but decreases in speed as it gets further down.


Eventually, it comes to a halt. Very interesting.

You decide to check the message on your phone, as well.


That’s a bummer that’s Mitch is going to be here late, you’re really looking forward to seeing him. Although you guess you shouldn’t be exploring these ruins too late, since you don’t get reception here and won’t be able to pick up Mitch’s call.


You take a peek through the curtain, and you see…



You head into the room to look around.





You decide to inspect the bowl a little closer.


You thought the scratches in the paint might be in some sort of pattern, but they appear to just be random. Also… now that you’re looking at it up close like this, the black stuff on the bottom of the bowl looks a lot less like magical corruption, and a lot more like that plate from Bettina’s old roommate you found when you moved in.

Ok, well that’s a little less interesting. You take a peek out the doorway into the hall beyond.



You decide to open the second door on the left.


Actually, that should be you decide to try to open the second door on the left. You’re not sure how they managed it with just wood and rope, but this door is shut pretty tight! Now, you could use your plasma to just burn the door down, but you don’t think the archaeologists would be too happy with that one. Especially, since you’ve got a friend who’ll probably be able to just force this door open! Now, where is he?



You use your special proximity talking feature, your voice, to locate Aiden.


He’s still back in there?


You want to tell him that there’s no way that would happen, but you remember how heavy he was when he was lying on top of you…


From: applebaps at 2018-02-23 20:43:49
what are the rules of this adventure
can i play

From: applebaps at 2018-02-23 21:11:51
i suggest we investigate that black stuff further down the corridor. is it the same stuff that’s in the bowl?

what’s that orange stuff around on the floor?

what happens if we pick up the rod/arrowhead thing? can we touch it to other things, like rub the arrowhead part on the wall and see what happens?

also there’s a trail of black stuff going into the second door on the right. what’s up with that? kick that door down let’s see

yea u just post what u think Klaus should do, like this. except that i already started drawing the update before you posted this so i didnt take any of this into it, sorry. theres also an lgoaa topic on eti so when u see an update like this that doesnt mention posts on this website they came from there.

i do like when people read and post tho so thanks for reading and posting!


A more stable way across? You need something solid to test it out, but you’re pretty sure this will work…


That was pretty obvious.


As you head back through the next room, you decide to check on one thing that seemed interesting to you- that strange orange stuff.


Interesting, it looks like wax, and it appears to have melted from certain places, but there doesn’t appear to be any wicks in it. You bet the archaeologists will get a real kick out of this. Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean that much to you. You head on back to where you were before.


when u make a bunch of suggestions at once i probably wont do them all in the update, since i like to make them a certain size. hope u dont mind


Obviously, since three of these doors look the same, and one looks different, you should try opening the different one. Aiden grabs hold of it, and…


That’s an interesting way to keep a door a door closed. Prevents one guy from just sneaking in and taking your stuff, at least.


That trail leading into the room, the giant stone keeping it closed, whatever is in here, it’s gotta be impressive! You wonder if it’s-


Oh. Well, that explains the trail, at least.


Not that interesting, but perhaps there is something…


”…On the back wall, maybe. Hey, Aiden, could you move those rocks at the back away from the wall for me, so I can go take a look?”


Okay, Aiden, you can figure this out. You can move to any adjacent square that’s not X’ed off, but not diagonally. You can move any of the three large rocks- if you move up to one of them and grab a side, you can pull it back along with you as you take a step back, or push it forwards ahead of you as you take a step forwards, but you can’t take a sideways step and pull them laterally. You also can’t push or pull them into the wall or X’ed off spaces, or a space you occupy. Your goal is to clear a space adjacent to each of the white wall sections marked with “???,” so that Klaus can take a look.

Granted, you could just move shovel the small pieces of stone out of the way to clear some X’ed spaces, or move the medium-sized ones, but that would take a lot of time, and you’re sure you can do this faster this way.


After a little bit of planning, you figure it out.


Perfect! Now there’s a clear path to the back wall, and it’s completely uncovered. Now, where did Klaus go?

Here’s where Klaus went-


Farther down the hallway/cave, there appears to be some sort of bizzare, shifting red field…


Oh wait, no. It was just a red curtain with the bright cave entrance behind it.


Before you go through the curtain you want to check and make sure there’s nothing fishy going on, so you kick a rock through it.


You heard the rock hit the ground, so you’re pretty sure it’s fine. You wonder what could possibly be so bright on the other side of this curtain…


Oh, it’s just the cave entrance. And a whole bunch of natural light. Ow.


You decide to head out of the cave to take a bit of a look around, and see if you can get cellphone signal.


The first thing you want to do is get in contact with someone at the dig site. If you had a fancy new phone, you could probably just look up that girl’s number, but you don’t. Fortunately, you have the number for the Your City Adventurers Guild Information Desk. You ask the clerk for to be transferred to the Archaeologists guild, and ask that clerk to be transferred to Caroline.


You give her a brief explanation of the puzzles you and Kitty solved, and where all you went to. In the meantime, Aiden is carefully inspecting the back wall that he just moved the giant stones away from. Presumably, He thinks you had a good reason for thinking there might be a secret passage back there. Unfortunately, he’s wrong.


Aiden doesn’t find anything special while you finish up the call with Caroline. Now that that’s done, you decide to follow-up on the message Mitch sent you at some point while you were exploring.


Oh geez, you’re gonna get to see Mitch again so soon! What do you want to tell him?


While Klaus is outside doing whatever it is he’s doing, Aiden decides to check out another one of the doors.


After applying a bit of muscle, Aiden manages to open the door…


Interesting. Very interesting…

But, unlike Aiden, you aren’t there to look at it. You’re talking to your on-again-off-again boyfriend, Mitch! In fact, you’re telling him about the fight you had with those bugs. Perhaps not as honestly as possible, but still.


Now you’re looking forward to tonight even more.


Mitch is so cute.


So cute…

While you were on the phone, it looks like you missed something-


The call was from an unknown number, so you check the text to see if it explains the call…


The next line of the text just tells you the number to call back to. Well, whoever it is, they know your name, so you probably at least know them.

Well, if it’s someone you know, and they’re in trouble, you should probably see what’s up. You give the unknown number a call.


Hmm… That voice sounds familiar, but who?

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