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Let's Go On (the last 1/5th of) An AdVeNtUrE!!!!

choose your own adventure pinned tetris

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hello tagging this

check the hand

consolatory high-five

my vote’s on meet the healer too

ask nicola to step away from the controls while our hand is stuck in the portal

if we grope around can we feel anything outside of the wall

lets give a cursory poke with our other hand but if we don’t find another way through in a couple of seconds it’ll be time to rush

make sure nicola is looking first so she’ll be impressed with our physical prowess

gonna need a moment to think about this one. maybe do a cuss in the immediate sense

is the portal wide enough that aiden could help?

we should endeavor to find a way to suggest that he should try to slam it too without necessarily suggesting we need it

blurt out our true feelings in our mortality-induced dread


curious to take a peek inside those jars - some of them look kind of like birds

see if you can push the curtain a bit to one side on your way in so you don’t lose visual contact w/ ur bud

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i feel like this is something that i should know but why does Klaus have a burny hand

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is our phone the kind that can take photos b/c if so we should stick the lens through the portal and get a quick snap

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