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fun thing for zoners only: lets make a character!!

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Okay, looks like nobody wants to move any points around


So let’s say that’s okay, and move on to the next section.


This section is Bonus(es)!


Perks provide the character with intangible bonuses that are not necessarily achievable from your abilities alone. Because a perk is a significant bonus, it must be offset with a flaw, which provides a significant weakness to balance it out. Flaws give your character a weakness that isn’t necessarily possible to overcome with stats alone. There are many more flaws and perks than are visible right here, if you can think of one it’s probably there.

You don’t have to choose flaws or perks, but they provide more options to flesh out the character. Additionally, you can choose any number of flaws you want, but only up to as many perks as you have flaws.

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Alright, we don’t really have a whole lot of agreement here, but I there’s a couple trends. Hot-headed, and peacemaker/softie. So we’ll just go with this:


Looks good!

Now to continue on…


Time for the most fun part, stats!


Stat points in LGOAA have two components: a main stat and a specialization. The main stat must be one of Body, Mind and Spirit, but the specialization can be anything. A stat point can be something like Mind: Smart, or Spirit: General or Body: Dragonlike.

Any stat point will make a person better at all things they want to attempt, and a stat point in a main category will provide a bonus to all things that require that category. A specialization will provide a bonus to just the chosen thing. The more specific a specialization choice is, the more of a bonus a single stat point will give to it.

Some specializations, with enough stat points in them, can change the appearance of a person. For instance, a few points in dragonlike could cause a person to grow horns, little wings and a tail. Or enough points in strength would cause a person to beef up, as you’d expect.

Feel free to spend all 10 stat points, and I’ll stitch together something from everyone’s lists.


I kind of don’t feel right changing the character any more since emily had some votes on her. I’m just gonna end this topic and make a new one in a bit…

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