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Hello everyone! In this thread I will be posting all the fun, extra drawings that are related to the comic, but not official updates!

I didn’t post this on X-mas here, because I just barely got it in under the line on the other site, but it’s a fun little puzzle for you!


If you want to know the answer, it’s

<right here>

No. You cannot help Santa Klaus to do that, because it is impossible. It’s a variation of the mutilated chessboard problem, if you’d like to look up how to prove it.

</right here>

The correct answer was first given by dragonwarriormaster, who said:

You’ve never really done an overtly shounen character, aside from maybe char who did some jojo/fotns movements for her spells

so I vote for either a new hyper shounen dude, or char

I went with both of these at once, kinda.

Shounens are either about fighting, or about children’s games that somehow the world runs on.

char lee.png

Charlie lives in the second type of that shounen. He’s really good at flipping coins, so it’s pretty lucky that he lives in a world where everything runs on coin flips! After winning his school’s coin flip tournament, he flips coins against the biggest bully-and best coin flipper- to win a date with the cutest girl at school, Donna Vaughn. Later, he saves a bunch of people by flipping coins for a bank robber who is deciding if he should shoot his hostages, and finally he ends up flipping a coin for a vengeful God who has gotten bored of his creation and is deciding whether or not to end it all.


can you fit those in that box?

i’ll give u a secret prize if you do


you can’t solve any tetris puzzle where you put any pieces into a rectangle with an odd number of T’s

it’s a variation of the mutilated chessboard problem. Think about tiling a chessboard by putting dominoes on it, such that each domino covers two spaces. Because of the layout of a chessboard, a domino must cover one white square and one black square. Therefore, if you cut off two diagonal corners so that there are 62 squares, you might think that you can tile it with dominoes because that’s an even number of squares, and dominoes cover 2 squares each. But that’s not the case. In the chessboard with the removed diagonals there are 32 Black squares and 30 White squares. Because a domino placed on a chessboard must cover one black and one white square, you will always end up with at least two black squares showing once you’ve placed so many dominoes that you can no longer place another domino.

how this applies to the tetris problems is that you need to think of the rectangle as being tiled like a chessboard, and tetris pieces being tiled as well. Because a tetris piece can be placed anywhere on the board, it doesn’t have specific White or Black squares on it, but that doesn’t really matter. Every tetris piece, except for the T, will cover an equal number of black and white squares when placed on a chessboard. The T, however, when placed on a chessboard, will cover three of one color and one of another. Therefore, any tetris puzzle where you need to cover an equal number of “Black” and “White” squares can’t be solved if it has an odd number of T pieces, because the T will cause a disparity in numbers of each color covered.

does that make sense


hello everyone

would you guys like to see something really cool

my buddy came to visit again recently and we exchanged late holiday gifts

I got them a mug that looks like the moomins house and they got me THIS:


another cool ass picture from one of my favorite artists!

this is the sketch that they got in progress:


way better than the gift I got them 😅


From: imgay at 2018-01-11 11:29:51
oh hey is kaytee that a character i actually know

try writign this again but in english

if youre asking if the girl is kaytee, no it’s donovan’s partner, char


heres some goofy thing i drew as a joke


Theresa may be a little younger than her half-sister, but she’s way less shy and has many more attractive features.

unfortunately, there’s not a name thats as close to Thread as Lucy is to LUE…

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