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Let's Go On (the last 1/5th of) An AdVeNtUrE!!!!

choose your own adventure pinned tetris

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You did it! Time to loot!


Besides the XP and money from the fight, all you find is some chitin.


When you get back to town, you’ll be able to sell this to an artisan for some money, but right now it’s kind of useless.

Speaking of right now, what are you going to do right now?

You could either wait around for that teleportation specialist to get here or…


There’s still more of this labyrinth to explore.

On one hand, you might find a way back or something even more interesting. Or you could find more bugs, and you’re not in very good shape to fight any more bugs right now…



bird on skateboard

im ready to go on the last 1/5th of an adventure

Newest Bud

well what do you guys think Klaus (blue shirt) should do next then


he should probably stay safe and wait it out
but that’s no fun
at least peak into the next room. last time we saw some evil spider eyes before they attacked us

bird on skateboard

peep thru the door blue shirt

I hate gamers


You decide to at least take a peek through the door. If there’s any more bugs in there, they must have been hiding when you looked, and if they’re that shy they probably won’t attack you just for looking.


There doesn’t appear to be anything creepy or crawly in there, so you keep looking long enough to let your eyes adjust to the light.




ch ch ch ch check it out (read like beastie boys)

I hate gamers

gotta look at the middle thing
hopefully it’s treasure
maybe it’s monsters if so we’re fucked rip blueshirt

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do posts here count against the limit in the ‘real’ topic? 🤔

bird on skateboard

no, so now instead of taking 1 year to finish the rest of the topic it’s going to be 3 years, due to the decline in users on ETI combined with me splitting the few readers there are between there and here

maybe I’ll just stop it when i get to a nice ending point.


u fucking dingus

I hate gamers

There’s one interesting thing here in this room, so you head for it.


Wait a minute, two pillars like this seems kind of familia-



Oh great.

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lmao whoops

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is it another 1-way? look around i guess. i don’t think it would be convenient to put us back in the ‘hub’

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ah yeah it’s a different style. the hub we were stuck in has blue-ish backgrounds, this is yellow. although it’s interesting that they have yellow marks on either side the same color as the walls here


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also, the symbol on the wall seems to be the same symbol as the original tp. maybe it just means ‘teleport’. lolz

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look at the green symbols on this wall


You hope this teleporter is two-way, because if not, there’s not really a whole lot you can do here except for wait.


Here goes-




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whoa! looks like we found a way out… kind of
i vote that we investigate the chest.
if some baddies pop out we can uh…. idk… try to kite them in an infinite chase loop. or hide outside maybe…?! the injured ppl can hide outside and the others take care of em. we’ll see

bird on skateboard

also im curious if theres anything behind the tp door here. might be worth a look (pink arrow)

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hello tagging this

Klaus! Klaus? Klaus!?!


You should probably go see Nicola, since it sounds like she’s kind of worried.


After explaining what happened to Nicola, the two of you check out the other thing than the teleporter in the room.


What could this possibly be for?


is one triangle pushed in more than the others maybe try pushing on them

I hate gamers

This thing looks a little weird, so you decide to try and touch it and push around the triangles.


It looks like the triangles are just sitting on top of a layer of ceramic painted blue, but they won’t budge when you try to move them.


looks kinda like a tangram
hmm gotta re-read some stuff see if i find anything

bird on skateboard

You decide to take a look around the room and see if you can find anything that could give you a clue about how this thing works.


There’s not really anything in here aside from the ‘altar,’ the portal and the other door. After giving them a closer look, you can’t quite find anything else of interest on them. Well, you haven’t quite done everything you could to the other door, yet. you’re thinking it probably has the same key pattern as the door you entered, and if so, you could probably find out some useful information in the next room. On the other hand, though, there might just be a bunch of bugs on the other side of that door, and you’re not prepared to deal with any more bugs right now.

Your other idea is that maybe that area through the portal had something that can help you make sense of the ‘altar.’


Hmm… Everything here is in way worse shape than the labyrinth you started exploring with Kitty and Emily and the place you got teleported to and met Nicola and Aiden in. Not surprising, considering up here is exposed to the elements, but it probably means that if there was anything interesting here it would have suffered much more wear and tear much faster and be less identifiable.


Klaus doesn’t seem to be doing much, so you decide to be Nicola.


You, Nicola, are going to figure this device out. It’s not very complex, what if you just press this button-


Oh, that wasn’t a button. It’s just a pattern cut into the ceramic. Something about the two rectangles seems familiar, and something about the shape inside the square looks familiar. But what?


Of course, the symbol in the middle is the number 3 in the ancient script these guys wrote in. You saw Klaus try and fail to move the triangles making the digit, but what if you were to try…




You, Klaus, didn’t find anything that gave you a clue about how the teleporters work, but you did find a rock that’s probably the right size and shape to give you some leverage to see if you can push those triangles around.


That is- unless Nicola already figured it out.


You go through the teleporter again, and see…


Nothing! There’s no light at all in here.

That probably means Nicola actually figured it out! You’re clearly somewhere different than the last time you stepped through the portal.

Now, let’s see if you can shed some light on the situation, and-


Uh oh.


check the hand

hold the hand

I hate gamers

consolatory high-five

You’ve just though of the best crank to pull on Kitty and Aiden. But first, you’ll need to borrow this.


The hand and forearm comes off easily. You’re not sure whats holding all these bones together, but you need them to stay like this for the joke, so you don’t mind.

You stick the arm through the portal.



Oh right, the portal stopped working because the one pillar fell over.


Unfortunately, these muscles are mostly just for show, so it’s a struggle, but you manage to fix it.

Now, to engage the crank!




Your crank senses are doing the opposite of tingling… You can’t help but feel like nobody even noticed.


Alright, let’s see them ignore THIS!



Now that definitely had to get them good. Now for you to deliver your perfect one-liner:





Alright, that’s a no-go. Time to try it again.


You walk right past Kitty and Aiden and through the door-


And through the portal-


And- huh.


Hey, you’re back here! And there’s Emily!


Who’s her friend, though?



You should probably get to the pressing matters first, but if Nicola found a way for you to get back here, you guess there’s not really any pressing matters for you anymore.

In which case, you can ask about what you really want to know right now-


Do you like who? Isn’t that just a cool pattern?


You can’t read what band that is, and even if you could, you probably have never heard of them. But you don’t want Gabby to know that, you want her to think you’re cool.


Uh oh. You’ve got to think of an excuse, quick. You left the stove on?


say we’ve never actually seen them live but we’d always like to go sometime ;)

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Oh right! Kitty! And Aiden and Nicola!


let us rescue
perhaps our tele-friend can explain some teleporter shit to us

bird on skateboard

Okay, you don’t actually have to rescue anyone, Nicola already did that. But you do need to tell them they’ve been rescued, so you do.



Oh hey, Gabby came too. You guess if you’re a teleportation specialist, you don’t need to worry about getting sent somewhere you can’t return get back from.



Now that’s a good question! Do you want to keep exploring? Or do you want to call it quits with these bug-filled ruins for today?


hell yeah get that healer in here

bird on skateboard

Get healed but leave the ruins also posting in here to avoid ppl whining

I hate gamers

my vote’s on meet the healer too

Well, you’d like to keep exploring, so you tell Gabby:


It takes more than ten minutes for the doctor to heal everyone, so let’s just skip to the end after everyone is good again and the doctor is leaving…


And since you guys are safe and able to get back home without any help, Gabby leaves as well…


Huh, kind of surprising that she’s the only one. Then again, you’re the only “Klaus,” so you’re not really one to talk.


Now that that’s all done with, you can resume exploring!


If you can figure out how to open the door at the back of the room all those bugs came out from, that is.


remark on how cute that doctor was

I hate gamers

You decide to take a look around the room, to see if there’s anything that gives you an idea of how to open that other door.


Hmm… Well, it’s not immediately obvious, if it is here somewhere.

You know there’s got to be a way out, though, because how else would those bugs have gotten in here?


You’ve got a few ideas, so you go ahead and try them out.

Firstly, it might just be the same pattern.


The door doesn’t budge. Apparently, it’s not the same pattern.

Next, you think there might be something that can give you an idea how to proceed on the back of the door you entered, so you give it a spin.


Nope, just the same pattern on each side. Apparently when you entered the pattern on the front, the back got the same entry as well.

You didn’t get a look at the device that controls the portal, maybe the numbers it displays are a hint? Nicola figured it out, so you ask her.




You’ve been in three of the areas designated on the walls in the other room already, so the clue to that door must be in one of the last two!


“Hey Nicola, you figured out how the teleporter works, right? Can you have it send me to one of the two rooms on the wall in the other room I haven’t visited? I think they must have hidden the solution to that door in there.”


“First of all, what makes you so sure there’s an answer to the door on this side of the door? Well, anyways, you don’t need to look though 2, since that’s where Aiden and I came from, and we didn’t see anything significant there.”


“What do you mean by 2?”

Nicola pulls out her phone,


“This way I don’t have to bother Kitty for that notebook she’s having so much fun with. Anyways, there’s five walls with symbols out there, and the teleporter control goes from 1 to 5. As far as I can tell, those symbols on the wall must be either the magic to control the teleportation, or maybe just like the ‘names’ of the places. Anyways, 2 is the one Aiden and I came in here from, so I guess I’ll set it to 1 for you.”


You put your hand through the teleporter and,


Uh oh. It hit a wall and stopped. You give it a push and it doesn’t seem to move. Half your hand is stuck in the portal. What do you do?


ask nicola to step away from the controls while our hand is stuck in the portal

if we grope around can we feel anything outside of the wall

You consider the situation for a bit…

(Red in this picture represents the other side of the portal)


You don’t know if whatever it is your hand is touching is movable, or if it goes all the way down to the floor or up to the ceiling.

You can’t get your hand any farther in, so you can’t feel around right now.

The way you see it, you have two options: Either shoulder rush the portal, in hopes of pushing whatever it is your hand is on, or putting your other hand through the portal at a different place and see if you can slip through.


lets give a cursory poke with our other hand but if we don’t find another way through in a couple of seconds it’ll be time to rush

make sure nicola is looking first so she’ll be impressed with our physical prowess

You decide why try one course of action, when you can do both? First, you stick your finger into the portal a little lower and further out to see if perhaps the blockage is just up high.


And you hit the same wall.

It’s going to be a little awkward, but your only other option here is to shoulder charge the wall and see if you can move it.


It does move!


But just a small amount- It must be very heavy. And now you’re stuck partway through the portal, and can’t back up to charge it again.


gonna need a moment to think about this one. maybe do a cuss in the immediate sense

i guess having aiden body slam it too is our only option lol
feel like we’re gonna break something this way

bird on skateboard

idk who these nerds are where’s donovan

is the portal wide enough that aiden could help?

we should endeavor to find a way to suggest that he should try to slam it too without necessarily suggesting we need it

the portal breaks
you fall into donovan’s time observer boudoir
shattering his priceless house sized stain glass window

[s] whats goin on kaytee.png

I hate gamers

This may be too heavy for you, but you know just who can move it.


You tell Nicola to keep an eye out, and have Aiden get in position.




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Whoa, everything looks really different here!


Like, Really really different.


Just kidding, that’s not what actually happened. That was drawn by nice and cool friend that I got the cool commissions from.

What did happen, though, is pretty similar:

Somewhere, far awar…





Well, this is it. This is how you’re going to die. Starving to death, unable to move, under an incredibly heavy, hard and strangely warm pile of rocks.



bird on skateboard

blurt out our true feelings in our mortality-induced dread

You thought you were being crushed by a rock, but it wasn’t a rock… it was a rock… lobster!


Actually, that’s also wrong, it was Aiden.

You decide to take a look around the room.




After having Aiden peek through to make sure it’s safe (you didn’t tell him that reason, naturally) you look through the curtain.




oh man

5 bux that one or both of these little windows is a one way teleporter

bird on skateboard


curious to take a peek inside those jars - some of them look kind of like birds

see if you can push the curtain a bit to one side on your way in so you don’t lose visual contact w/ ur bud

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My buddy aiden

I hate gamers

i feel like this is something that i should know but why does Klaus have a burny hand

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plasma accident when he was young or something like that

bird on skateboard

It looks safe enough, so you decide to look around the room.


Aiden’s right. This place does look very different. For instance, those cups-


This cup looks different from those in the first ruins you explored, and it’s even painted! There’s some gross black crap on the bottom, too.

If you were an archaeologist, this would probably be very illuminating.


From: a small rat at 2018-01-27 18:34:33
i feel like this is something that i should know but why does Klaus have a burny hand

never came up tbh


On a hunch, you decide to check your cell phone.


There’s no connection in here, which makes sense, but apparently at some point between when you started exploring the labyrinth and now you did have a connection, because it downloaded a new message.

There is one other thing you want to try, though.


Those blocks on either side of this bridge look very familiar, so if you were to slowly lower this cup below the bridge-


-while looking into it from above, then something like this-


-should happen!

Interesting. They moved the portal into a different room and halfway dug it into the ground. If you were an archaeologist…


clearly we need an archaeologist
we gotta get out of this room then
perhaps the other curtain is the answer

bird on skateboard

but first we should check our message

bird on skateboard

is our phone the kind that can take photos b/c if so we should stick the lens through the portal and get a quick snap

we should be able to tell if it’s a 2 way portal b/c of the cup, if it’s a one way be careful~

bird on skateboard

You decide to try to take the cup with you, both because you think you might need one and because you want to see if the portal is also one-way.


As you attempt to pull the cup upwards your hand slips off it, because it’s being held in place by the portal. Must be one way.

Interestingly, when you let go of the cup it starts to fall but decreases in speed as it gets further down.


Eventually, it comes to a halt. Very interesting.

You decide to check the message on your phone, as well.


That’s a bummer that’s Mitch is going to be here late, you’re really looking forward to seeing him. Although you guess you shouldn’t be exploring these ruins too late, since you don’t get reception here and won’t be able to pick up Mitch’s call.


alright lets get out of here
also, im gonna guess we get reception up on that tower thing
lets check the other curtain

bird on skateboard

You take a peek through the curtain, and you see…



look at the thing in the bowl but no touchy
avoid the gaze of the evil red eye in the distance

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bird on skateboard

You head into the room to look around.





You decide to inspect the bowl a little closer.


You thought the scratches in the paint might be in some sort of pattern, but they appear to just be random. Also… now that you’re looking at it up close like this, the black stuff on the bottom of the bowl looks a lot less like magical corruption, and a lot more like that plate from Bettina’s old roommate you found when you moved in.

Ok, well that’s a little less interesting. You take a peek out the doorway into the hall beyond.



You decide to open the second door on the left.


Actually, that should be you decide to try to open the second door on the left. You’re not sure how they managed it with just wood and rope, but this door is shut pretty tight! Now, you could use your plasma to just burn the door down, but you don’t think the archaeologists would be too happy with that one. Especially, since you’ve got a friend who’ll probably be able to just force this door open! Now, where is he?



what are the rules of this adventure
can i play

high impact

u suggest things to do next and yea!!

I hate gamers

i suggest we investigate that black stuff further down the corridor. is it the same stuff that’s in the bowl?

what’s that orange stuff around on the floor?

what happens if we pick up the rod/arrowhead thing? can we touch it to other things, like rub the arrowhead part on the wall and see what happens?

also there’s a trail of black stuff going into the second door on the right. what’s up with that? kick that door down let’s see

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high impact

You use your special proximity talking feature, your voice, to locate Aiden.


He’s still back in there?


You want to tell him that there’s no way that would happen, but you remember how heavy he was when he was lying on top of you…


From: applebaps at 2018-02-23 20:43:49
what are the rules of this adventure
can i play

From: applebaps at 2018-02-23 21:11:51
i suggest we investigate that black stuff further down the corridor. is it the same stuff that’s in the bowl?

what’s that orange stuff around on the floor?

what happens if we pick up the rod/arrowhead thing? can we touch it to other things, like rub the arrowhead part on the wall and see what happens?

also there’s a trail of black stuff going into the second door on the right. what’s up with that? kick that door down let’s see

yea u just post what u think Klaus should do, like this. except that i already started drawing the update before you posted this so i didnt take any of this into it, sorry. theres also an lgoaa topic on eti so when u see an update like this that doesnt mention posts on this website they came from there.

i do like when people read and post tho so thanks for reading and posting!


i like to read and make the posts

high impact

my previous suggestions still stand btw

high impact

A more stable way across? You need something solid to test it out, but you’re pretty sure this will work…


That was pretty obvious.


As you head back through the next room, you decide to check on one thing that seemed interesting to you- that strange orange stuff.


Interesting, it looks like wax, and it appears to have melted from certain places, but there doesn’t appear to be any wicks in it. You bet the archaeologists will get a real kick out of this. Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean that much to you. You head on back to where you were before.


when u make a bunch of suggestions at once i probably wont do them all in the update, since i like to make them a certain size. hope u dont mind


Obviously, since three of these doors look the same, and one looks different, you should try opening the different one. Aiden grabs hold of it, and…


That’s an interesting way to keep a door a door closed. Prevents one guy from just sneaking in and taking your stuff, at least.


That trail leading into the room, the giant stone keeping it closed, whatever is in here, it’s gotta be impressive! You wonder if it’s-


Oh. Well, that explains the trail, at least.


examine the red thing

bird on skateboard

Not that interesting, but perhaps there is something…


”…On the back wall, maybe. Hey, Aiden, could you move those rocks at the back away from the wall for me, so I can go take a look?”


Okay, Aiden, you can figure this out. You can move to any adjacent square that’s not X’ed off, but not diagonally. You can move any of the three large rocks- if you move up to one of them and grab a side, you can pull it back along with you as you take a step back, or push it forwards ahead of you as you take a step forwards, but you can’t take a sideways step and pull them laterally. You also can’t push or pull them into the wall or X’ed off spaces, or a space you occupy. Your goal is to clear a space adjacent to each of the white wall sections marked with “???,” so that Klaus can take a look.

Granted, you could just move shovel the small pieces of stone out of the way to clear some X’ed spaces, or move the medium-sized ones, but that would take a lot of time, and you’re sure you can do this faster this way.


After a little bit of planning, you figure it out.


Perfect! Now there’s a clear path to the back wall, and it’s completely uncovered. Now, where did Klaus go?

Here’s where Klaus went-


Farther down the hallway/cave, there appears to be some sort of bizzare, shifting red field…


Oh wait, no. It was just a red curtain with the bright cave entrance behind it.


watch out it might be a teleporter! maybe stick something in it

bird on skateboard

Before you go through the curtain you want to check and make sure there’s nothing fishy going on, so you kick a rock through it.


You heard the rock hit the ground, so you’re pretty sure it’s fine. You wonder what could possibly be so bright on the other side of this curtain…


Oh, it’s just the cave entrance. And a whole bunch of natural light. Ow.


You decide to head out of the cave to take a bit of a look around, and see if you can get cellphone signal.


The first thing you want to do is get in contact with someone at the dig site. If you had a fancy new phone, you could probably just look up that girl’s number, but you don’t. Fortunately, you have the number for the Your City Adventurers Guild Information Desk. You ask the clerk for to be transferred to the Archaeologists guild, and ask that clerk to be transferred to Caroline.


You give her a brief explanation of the puzzles you and Kitty solved, and where all you went to. In the meantime, Aiden is carefully inspecting the back wall that he just moved the giant stones away from. Presumably, He thinks you had a good reason for thinking there might be a secret passage back there. Unfortunately, he’s wrong.


Aiden doesn’t find anything special while you finish up the call with Caroline. Now that that’s done, you decide to follow-up on the message Mitch sent you at some point while you were exploring.


Oh geez, you’re gonna get to see Mitch again so soon! What do you want to tell him?


While Klaus is outside doing whatever it is he’s doing, Aiden decides to check out another one of the doors.


After applying a bit of muscle, Aiden manages to open the door…


Interesting. Very interesting…

But, unlike Aiden, you aren’t there to look at it. You’re talking to your on-again-off-again boyfriend, Mitch! In fact, you’re telling him about the fight you had with those bugs. Perhaps not as honestly as possible, but still.


Now you’re looking forward to tonight even more.


Mitch is so cute.


So cute…

While you were on the phone, it looks like you missed something-


The call was from an unknown number, so you check the text to see if it explains the call…


The next line of the text just tells you the number to call back to. Well, whoever it is, they know your name, so you probably at least know them.

Well, if it’s someone you know, and they’re in trouble, you should probably see what’s up. You give the unknown number a call.


Hmm… That voice sounds familiar, but who?

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That voice sounds like your roommate’s little brother, Joachim! You wonder what’s the matter?





This is probably some sort of misunderstanding…


Hmm… Do you know anyone that looks like that, but also try to avoid Joachim?


You can only think of one person that might fit the description…


Joachim is definitely a spooky boy, but you believe him that he’s not a vampire. If it is Donovan that’s following him, all you need to do is let him know that. So you give Donovan a call, and ask him what he’s up to.


Ok, then it’s not Donovan.

You tell him about what’s going on with your room-mates’ little brother.


Oh yeah, those vampire were totally wearing maroon, weren’t they?

But why would a vampire- if that is, in fact, who’s following Joachim- be interested in some kid?

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Now that you’ve got that cleared up, you hang up and call Joachim back.


Hmm, he does have a point. Bettina made you go along with him the other day to help when he clearly didn’t need help.

But this time it sounds like he might actually need help?

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Well, he’s a little rude, but he’s not a bad kid. You decide that you’re going to help out Joachim.


Of course, you have no idea how to get home from here.

Maybe if you go back inside you can figure something out.




a portal perhaps?!
carefully approach

bird on skateboard

You call for Aiden, so that you can both check out the portal together.


Looks like Aiden has already checked out the portal without you. How rude.



let’s talk to caroline

bird on skateboard


Hmm, can’t imagine why that is.


From: Tiko at 2018-05-05 11:40:16
let’s talk to caroline

looks like we can wrap up this ruins stuff soon

bird on skateboard


Oh, there’s Caroline! And Kitty, too.



So, what exactly is up?


It sounds kinda like you guys are done here. Which is good, since you’ve got something else you need to do, anyways.


Well… you could try talking Kitty into it.


we should give kitty some time to be with aiden
wonder if there’s anyone who could help us 🤔

bird on skateboard

No, you shouldn’t try to talk Kitty into it, she’s fine. You give her a hug and wish her luck on her way.


Good for them.

You head outside, while you think about what to do.


Since Your City does not have a standalone Archaeologists Guild, it operates from inside the Magician’s Guild. Considering the sorts of skills archaeologists have, it was either that, or the Rogue’s Guild, and having a bunch of priceless artifacts in the Rogue’s Guild seemed like a bad idea.

And it turns out that you did think of what to do while heading outside! You give Beth, the witch, a call and see if she wants to help you out with Joachim.


You tell her to meet up with you outside the Magicians Guild Hall and hang up. Now what?

You need to go help Joachim with his probably vampire problem, but what’s your plan there?


confront the probably vampire directly and ask whats up and how are they doing today

high impact

love she way she’s using her phone lol
we can hang out with joachim, just chumming around
then maybe we go somewhere social (like a bar, or a, idk, soda fountain if joachim is underage lolz) and confront the vampire in an indirect way

bird on skateboard

While waiting for Beth, you decide to review the spells available for both you and Joachim, so you can figure out your course of action.


You don’t really know much about Joachim, so you don’t have any idea of what spells he knows other than the basics you’d expect any level 18 Necromancer to know. Every magician learns how to conjure water and to do simple tricks, so he’d obviously know those two. Summoning undead is pretty complicated, so he might or might not have finished learning a summoning spell yet. He’d definitely have learned some sort of attack spell, though, basically all the disciplines you can study start you off with one of those. Beyond that, it’s a mystery. He might have learned spells from some extra-curriculars, but Joachim doesn’t really seem like that sort of guy.

As for you, you only know two ‘real spells,’ Conjure water and Prestidigitation. Everything else you know how to do is some combination of summoning and controlling plasma, but you’ve developed quite a few techniques that could be taught as spells by themselves: Plasma Pal, Plasma Punch, Plasma G- wait.

All of a sudden, you feel a powerful source of dark magic approaching you from behind…


It feels like it could be some sort of ghost, or vampire, or…


hello Beth
what kinda spells you got?

bird on skateboard

is this dungeons and dragons

From: imgay at 2018-06-04 14:38:47
is this dungeons and dragons


high impact

It could be some sort of ghost, or vampire, or… a witch! Like your buddy, Beth, the witch.


You give Beth the quick rundown of the situation:


Beth can summon witchfyre, either to use as a light source or to burn enemies. She can summon a small portion of swamp up out of the ground, and bring forth grasping hands from the bog. She can use her dark magic to create fearsome illusions and she also knows a variety of curses: Curse of weakness, Curse of clumsiness, Curse of frailty, and so on…

She knows a variety of other spells, too, but they’re not really practical for combat…


what kinda spells
are they lewd

high impact

hey yall im on vacation so updates might be pretty slow for about week



Let’s see what happens if you combine Beth’s witchfyre with your plasma pal…


Your plasma pal has some autonomy, but is not very powerful, and Beth’s witchfyre is very powerful, but can’t move on it’s own. Surely, the combination of the two should be an incredibly powerful destructive force, it should be…


really cute?


is this the new paper mario

very kawaii but is it useful 🤔

bird on skateboard



OK, enough goofing off. To stop this vampire, you’re going to want a plan. Joachim is in the Magician’s Guild hall, and there are plenty of places you could think of to intercept a vampire stalker there. If you just call up Joachim again, you can tell him where to go so that the two of you can help him with his little problem.

You could arrange to pass him in the hallway and see if you can stop the vampire as you pass, or tell him to go to the library or cafeteria and try to spy where they’re observing Joachim from, or tell him to leave the guild and maybe watch the exit behind him to try and see the vampire leave. Perhaps something else?

What’s your plan?


i still havent read all the shit i missed
are there like 20 donovans now

You’ve just thought of the 100% perfect place to confront that vampire.


Assuming that the main owner is back, that is.


Oh, and also assuming Joachim is fine waiting a few hours as well, you guess. The truck does drive somewhere to pick up more ingredients between meals, and probably also take a break.

Maybe you should think of something else…


From: imgay at 2018-06-26 12:51:40
i still havent read all the shit i missed
are there like 20 donovans now

theres 4, actually



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Though you go there frequently, you feel like Joachim has probably looked at a map of the Magician’s Guild more recently than you, and might have a better idea of the best place to catch that tail.


So you dial him up, and ask for his idea, making sure to let him know you have a witch with you to help out.


Joachim suggests doing it in the cafeteria. He’s going to sit in the middle of the cafeteria, facing away from the main entrance. Naturally, the stalker will sit somewhere that Joachim can’t see, so they will sit somewhere on the half of the cafeteria near the main entrance. At some point, you and Beth will both enter through opposite side doors closest to the main entrance. Having one of you on each side of the room will give you complete view of the room, making it impossible for the stalker to elude you.

Sounds like a good plan, right?


densely packed hitlers

seems like a decent plan
lets not go ham on the vampire yet try to talk to him first i guess

bird on skateboard

That plan sounds mostly good, so you tell Joachim you’re going to do that and hang up. You’ve got a good idea to check the stalker out before you two attempt to stop them, and see if you can do it alone or if you’ll need more help.


Darn! Now what are you supposed to do?


Oh, now that she mentions it, you do vaguely recall something like that…



So how do you want to waste time? Chat up Beth? Maybe play that trivia game you have on your phone?

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You decide to check your phone to see if the Archaeologists Guild has paid you for your adventuring yet…


Nothing yet. Are they still processing quest rewards by hand over there?



because she nasty





Oh geez, that’s way better than your ‘Platelet Pal was too sticky!’ punchline. Maybe you should pretend that’s what you were going to say all along, or distract her or something.


write that down in our phone or something it was a good one gotta remember it

bird on skateboard


Uh oh, now she’s doing it, too.


You’ve got a good idea for something to say to prank her. Plus, it’s not entirely untrue, so that’s a bonus. Here goes:


Wait, what?


is the end of the adventure just everybody fuckin

dum thirsty hors

awkwardly change subject

bird on skateboard

From: applebaps at 2018-07-19 19:56:29
is the end of the adventure just everybody fuckin

you gotta sign up for the patreon for that


give 👏us👏the👏link👏

dum thirsty hors


There she is.


pet the kitty

bird on skateboard

There is a very important step you must do before you start your little plan, and that is petting the cat.




alright let’s roll

bird on skateboard

After a short walk, and many pets, you arrive at the cafeteria. You push the door open, and as it slowly closes, you release Beth’s cat inside.


While she’s inside, Beth uses her psychic ‘cat’nection to get a picture of what’s inside.


It’s between lunch and dinner, so there’s not a lot of people there right now. The cat easily finds Joachim. He’s sitting in the middle, looking away from the entrance, as planned. Surprisingly, the person following him (maroon jacket, white hair) is simply seated two tables back, eating by himself and pretending to read a book. Also in the cafeteria are a few couples eating together, a group of nerds playing dice games, and some other people studying, although much less conspicuously. There’s also some bugs, which the cat is very interested in.


grab a snack and sit down right next to mr stalker and make small talk

bird on skateboard

You decide to go talk to Joachim, so you can get any additional details about the guy before you sit down and talk with him.






Alright! Now’s the perfect time for a chase!





oh Klaus you’re so silly
maybe Kitty can do some kind of illusion to block the stalker’s escape?

bird on skateboard

Welcome to the world’s first Slow Time Event!


You have 10 minutes to press ‘W,’ and save Klaus from an embarrassing fate.



bird on skateboard

good thing tiko was here

dum thirsty hors

With the success at the STE, you manage to catch yourself…


…and assume the position, ready to chase after your target!


You have 10 minutes to press ‘A,’ and get a good running start.

Edited by meepches at 2018-08-19 05:41:142018-08-19 05:41


bird on skateboard

You jump ahead, and start running across the tops of the tables after the creep!


To jump across the tables, you must press ‘A’ rhythmically, and since this is a slow-time event, that rhythm is 10 minutes. I’m going to give you 30 minutes to press ‘A’ to start, but then 10, 20, and 30 minutes after that, you must press ‘A’ again. There’s more leniency than you’d get on a quick-time event on the rhythmic presses, but try to keep it within 30 seconds on either side.

(I promise this is the last one)



bird on skateboard


bird on skateboard


bird on skateboard


bird on skateboard

The stalker is approaching the exit door to the cafeteria! You’ve got to act fast!


You leap from table to table after him, when you finally reach the last one…


You might not be able to catch him before he gets out the door, but you’ll definitely be hot on his heels!


persist in the doomed world you have created

Fastest Dog in the World

i would say electrify the door but its probably not a good idea to beat up random students in the cafeteria
can we get a beth illusion while we give chase 🤔

bird on skateboard

You’re close on his tail, but not close enough to catch him. Perhaps if you were to create some sort of illusion you could trick him into running the wrong way.


You probably didn’t trick him into thinking those are you.


However, you did manage to distract him…


…And Beth takes advantage of the situation!


tackle him?
make sure we dont get bitten ;)

bird on skateboard

Beth’s trick gives you enough time to run up and get close to the stalker and-


Now, that he doesn’t have his glasses to hide behind, let’s see who this really is…


Huh. No clue who this is.


Something’s off about this guy, is he a vampire at all? Only one way to check. Well, that’s not actually true, but there’s only one way for you since you don’t have a mirror or holy symbol on you.


I mean, they’re sharper than average, but those are definitely not vampire teeth.


He is pretty cute, you guess.


“so why are you stalking my friend over there?”

bird on skateboard

He doesn’t seem so bad, but you should ask him a few questions before letting him go…


After you pull him to his feet, he flinches away.


He doesn’t seem so bad, but if he thinks you should be beating him up for some reason, you wonder what he actually was doing…


Whatever he’s doing, you decide to hear him out before you decide if you should beat him up…



That sounds reasonable, and even like something you might want to help out with, except for the fact that Joachim doesn’t seem to recognize the guy.




He seems legit, but you figure you should do something just to make sure.


Good, you’re glad to see that he’s-


Wait, is he actually trying to use the oldest trick in the book?


dont look

bird on skateboard

You grab his wrist as you pivot to look at where he’s pointing, just to be safe.


And what’s he’s pointing at is…



How did these guys get in there without anyone noticing!? Anyone, such as Beth?




lol, nice
and uh oh god run after these guys i guess

bird on skateboard

You almost want to just throw Phil into battle with these guys, but perhaps you can make him throw himself into battle instead.




How are you guys going to do this?


chase them away with your nudity

dum thirsty hors

You don’t have anything that’s specifically for fighting vampires, so you’re not quite sure what to do. If you could get some sunlight in here, that would certainly help, but there’s no windows in this room. Actually, the sun- it’s basically just a giant ball of plasma, right? What if you were to make your own?


It’s not as big as the sun, but it’s much, much closer, so hopefully this will do the trick.


It seems to have stopped the big guy in his tracks, although the little guy is still getting away.


can we dual plasma things
maybe sic plasma pal on the other guy to slow him down
or yell at beth to do something lol

bird on skateboard

You’ve got a couple ideas for tricks you could pull in this situation, but unfortunately with this amount of plasma, you can’t do any of them, so you simply bring it closer.


You can’t simply disperse this much plasma quickly and as you shrink the plasma ball the vampire would surely realize what was going on and hit you, and if you were to throw it, not only would the blast hurt you as much as it hurts the vampire, but it would cause damage to the cafeteria and you’d probably get sent to a prison tower for it. Granted, you’d probably be returned fairly quickly, once they realized-


wait a minute- Where are the security golems? They re-tuned them a few years ago because they were way too sensitive, but surely a fight breaking out in the cafeteria should get their attention.


But that’s of no matter to you right now, because you are 力武 美三方- that is, you are Miyako Mikata. You participated in the raid the other day, but your payment- which you should have automatically received on your phone by now- has not arrived, despite your friend who participated getting hers already. The person at the front desk directed you to the payment systems office, back where all the computer nerds work. But that’s weird- you just heard a loud thump from one of the rooms.

Edited by meepches at 2018-12-11 04:16:232018-12-11 04:16

peek into room
try to be sneaky

bird on skateboard

You notice a noise!


Ever since you got your super suit your body language has gotten much more extreme. It helps to show people how you feel, since they can’t see your face when you’re wearing it. Of course, you tend to look kind of silly when you’re not wearing it, but that’s a small price to pay. But that’s of no matter now- something is definitely going on in there. You move closer to listen.


It sounds like… something being dragged across a carpet. Then the sound of some light metal doors closing.



bird on skateboard

You crack open the door ever so slightly a take a peek through.




Looks relatively normal for one of these computer nerd offices, and- oops! It looks like he saw you, he gets up and scrambles towards the door.


Sure, OK, you’ll leave, but first- You ask him what the noise was.


So the noise was him dragging a computer across the carpet and putting it in the cabinet? That doesn’t seem right. You feel like you saw something when you were peeking in that makes that impossible.


also lmao at this guys shirt

bird on skateboard

But that can’t be right, there were cobwebs on that computer!


Did he just not see them or-


Ok, something’s definitely wrong here!


time for HENSHIN

bird on skateboard

You must be sure that there’s something wrong here, because if you punch down a door to one of these offices for no reason, you’ll be in big trouble.

That being said, you attempt to punch through the door.




You’ve got a serious hunch something’s wrong here, so you don’t listen to the man when he tells you to stop.


Maybe now he’ll tell you what’s really going on…




Is that someone you should kn-





bird on skateboard

With your heroic reflexes, you manage to get your knees up just before you are slammed into the wall.


As you hit the wall, you manage to knee your assailant in the midsection, forcing them to get off you.


Now you’re ready to fight for real.


And it looks like they are, too.


You quickly go over your fighting styles in order to decide to how to combat this vampire lady.


Your two fighting styles, Karate and Puroresu, seem like they would both be equally effective against her, as far as you can tell so far. There are some that look down on puroresu, but one of those techniques allowed you to score your first point on your older brother when the two of you sparred as kids…


How did you do that again? You must have-

Whoops! You can’t go into a side story inside another side story!

Maybe you should just decide how to attack the vampire.


puroresu -> suplex

bird on skateboard

You decide to use an all-time classic Puroresu technique to attack.

Some people need ropes to jump off of to do this one…


But not you!





Looks like you made her mad. Good.

Whats your next move? Keep up the attack or prepare to defend and counter? Try to fool her into thinking you’re only trained in Puroresu skills or use a mixed style?


counter in a uh, puroresu way
trick her with some karate later

bird on skateboard

It looks like she’s committing to charging you. With her size advantage, it probably seems like a safe move.


Unfortunately for her, you’re already ready to counter her.


Bet she wasn’t expecting that!


Now that you’ve got her on the ground, you can really put the hurt on. You can go with a straight punch or an elbow drop, or if you think she’s not going to be getting up very quickly, you can go in for a submission hold.


elbow drop!

bird on skateboard

You’re not sure she’ll be down long enough or out of it enough to go in for a submission, so you go for the classic elbow drop.


Here you go! Push off, hop, bounce, hop…


bring up the leg, get the angle of the elbow right, and…



Looks like she’s still got some fight in her yet.


If you could hit her with another one of your signature moves now, that’d put her down for sure. Now, what’s that move again?

Your opponent on one knee, you, a few paces away…


Remember move minigame

This is it! The perfect opportunity-


Step up on the knee and…


Shining Wizard!




It feels like you’ve been holding this stupid plasma ball for months…


You’ve got this guy locked down, but when are the security robots going to get here? This guy needs to be locked up, not locked down.


Something must be malfunctioning somewhere, you’ve never seen a fight in the guild building go on this long without the security golems showing-



Well, they finally showed up.

Sure, you were fighting, but it wasn’t your fault. Hopefully this will be sorted soon, you’ve got a date tonight with Mitch.


You decide to look out the window.


You’re not sure why you thought that bar would be loose, but it wasn’t.

Well, you can still peek through the bars.


It’s just a very tall room with some prisoner in it.

You hope that you get out of here soon, but maybe you should do something to pass the time, just in case it takes a bit?


You decide to ask what your cellmates are getting up to tonight to pass the time.


Before Phil can answer, Joachim walks across the room to you, gets real close and says,


Oh yeah. You could explain what Phil’s deal is, but maybe that should be up to him?


ask phil to explain

bird on skateboard

Ask the guy in the other cell to explain

You decide to reassure Joachim that he’s fine, and then give Phil an option to speak up.








bird on skateboard


This guy…


Oh come on, it’s obvious he’s interested in Joachim, and if every time it gets brought up he just denies it he’s never going to get anywhere.

Should you take him under your wing and show him how it’s done, or just leave him alone?


help him

bird on skateboard

You decide to help the poor guy out.



(Make sure not to shoot plasma at them by mistake)



This guy…….


tell him we need to advance the plot and just explain it yourself ;)

bird on skateboard

Alright, this has gone on long enough.



You head over to the door.


Well, at least there’s some way you can help that boy. You probably shouldn’t just let him sit longer in here because he’s annoying.

But you could.


Well officer robot, he was with me the whole time. I think. It’s been a few months whatev

OR just like,

give the robot way too much info laying out the whole situation in front of everybody in cartoonishly specific detail

Klaus wont think of this but if there’s something the robot knows that he doesn’t about all this and we’re getting played then it’ll come out, and either way the joachim issue will be all out in the open for ppl to deal with

You decide not to try something fancy and just tell the robot the story from start to finish.


– one story later –



Alright, now just wait a second and you’ll be out of here, and maybe even Phil, too.




wait and hope

bird on skateboard

Okay while this is happening better have the guy seize his opportunity and talk to the other guy while the time is still ripe or w/e

While you wait, you can catch up with Joachim.



That was faster than expected.


Alright! Now that this whole thing is over, you can finally… what was it you were going to do, again?


fuck idk

we have that thing with our bf right, we dont wanna miss that

but we also have some kinda quest issue that might be time sensitive too

maybe bring joachim along to the party and try to do both?

uhh fuck idk

lets check our quest log

As soon as you get outside the cell, Joachim starts walking away.


You can’t help but feel like you’re forgetting something, so you decide to check your quest log.


Oh yeah, you should go ask Beth what happened with those two vampires that showed up out of nowhere to kidnap Joachim. Phil is obviously not some sort of vampire, so they weren’t working together. Maybe they were each stalking him independently?


Why don’t we call Mitch and just check in maybe, could give us a better idea how to plan our immediate future

Actually we should walk Joachim home or to his friends or whatever and call Mitch on the way

Mitch is coming into town tonight, but you’re not sure exactly when, so you call to check up on him.


…aaaand call!


You get the ‘out of service area’ tone. Guess he’s not close enough to town yet.

Now that you think about it, you have no idea what happened to Beth after that security golem took you away. You decide to give her a call and check up on her.


…aaaand call!



“Oh hey Klaus, what’s up?”


“Well, I finally got out, and I wanted to make sure everything was okay with you. What happened after the security golems took us all away?”


“Oh yeah, i’m fine. A little bit after you guys got hauled away a handsome blue-haired guy came by and asked me what happened. Said that the vampires must have been looking for new necromancers, since they lost one in the raid recently. Told me to tell my friends who do that sort of thing to stay safe until they figure out what’s going on.”


“Oh, cool.

What are you up to now?”


“I’m just getting a snack then I’m gonna go home and smoke. Wanna join me?”


We can ask Beth to keep an eye on Joachim and call us if there’s any trouble while we go on our date? Maybe she’s got a scrying spell so she can do it from home?

How many pages are left on the blue sight topic at this point

After that whole vampire encounter, that sounds like a nice, chill time.


Wait- she did just say she was getting a snack, but then you had to go and say you’ll bring snacks. Now you need to figure out a good snack to bring that’s probably not the one(s) she’s getting.

Maybe something sweet…. or spicy… or salty… or weird…….

Or some combinations of those…

Of course! Now is the perfect time to use your secret snack decider!


What’ll you bring?


From: It Is Good at 2020-09-08 07:49:45
How many pages are left on the blue sight topic at this point

It’s on page 96 right now, so like 225 more posts or something


holy shit
theres only one choice for me ;)

bird on skateboard

This owns

You decide to bring some spicy Tikos along with you to Beth’s. After teleporting back to the Magicians Guild Hall, you decide to stop in at the gift shop. You don’t know for sure that they have them, but they’ve got a big rack of snacks so they must be there, somewhere.


Yep, they’re right he-


It’s that cute clerk again! With all that you’ve done today, it feels like it’s been years, but he was here earlier today when you bought clothes for Kitty’s new body.

You’re going to be hanging out with Beth, then spending the night and then however long he’s in town with your best buddy, Mitch… do you need anything else?


Klaus is a slut, get her number too

Since all you want is Tiko’s, you grab a bag and head to the register with the clerk.


Getting both sale price without having to sign up and his number, sounds like a good deal.

He asks you if you need the receipt, which of course you don’t, so you leave. Who needs a receipt for one bag of chips?


You should probably go home and change before you hang out with Beth. Mitch is coming into town tonight and you want to wear something nicer. At least something with sleeves and no cargo pockets.


You head home to change before this evening.


Finally, time to get out of these clothes…


Before getting dressed, you decide to check yourself out, to make sure you look good for the date tonight.

You decide to try on three outfits:


At the back of the closet, from when you loved buying stuff from thrift shops as a joke,
Shirt with cargo sleeves and pants with no legs

• It’s funny
• Plenty of pockets
• Look like a scout master
• Feel like a fool


One of your favorite pairs of pants, with the shirt Mitch got as a present for you on a vacation years ago,
Cute tucked-in crewneck t-shirt with jeans

• Shows Mitch you care
• Looks cute
• Shirt is too big
• Might be underdressed


And then there’s always this option,
A button-up shirt and some nice pants

• Look really good in this shirt
• Show that you’re taking this seriously
• Harder to move around in
• Will definitely be overdressed for Beth, maybe for Mitch, too

Well, which one do you like best?


scout uniform imo

bird on skateboard

Button up shirt with the mitch pants

Red Menace, baby

mostly because making meep draw the scouty shirt all the time would probably drive him crazy

the one with the sonic shirt !!

Arcueil 31-tone

From: s1rnight at 2021-01-25 17:48:17
the one with the sonic shirt !!

The cop cow shirt?

You change back into the second outfit, it’s definitely cute and will work for both Beth and Mitch.

To make sure you’re ready to go, you take a last look in the mirror.


Looking good!

Before you leave, you’re not forgetting anything are you?


Of course, you didn’t forget to grab the Tikos, but you decide to check your messages real quick before going.


There’s one from Mitch!

It says that the signal is spotty, but he will be there in about an hour.

Knowing Mitch, that gives you an hour and a half to hang out with Beth.

Better get going!


This should be the place…


These are some big stairs, you hope that no old people live here. The door’s locked, so you take a look to the side.








…now what are you waiting for?


Oh geez!


uh oh did we forget some kitty treats

bird on skateboard

You open the door, and are greeted by Beth, the Witch’s cat.


You know that Beth and this cat can psychically communicate, so she probably sent kitty here to show you to her apartment.


You follow the kitty downstairs, and…


It stops in front of the vending machines.


Is there some sort of secret door behind these to Beth’s place? Do you have to enter a code?




any kitty-friendly snacks??

bird on skateboard

Looks like the Kitty lured you to the vending machines, it must be hungry.

You decide to give the kitty a Tiko’s.





Sorry, give him the whole bag and let him pick his own



offer one to her instead :-)

bird on skateboard

i literally imported a giant box of takis b/c of this thanks meep

bird on skateboard



Beth scoops up her Kitty and starts walking-



my body is ready

bird on skateboard

Of course you’re ready!

You get to Beth’s apartment, and asks you to wait a second while she gets something.



From: meepches at 2021-08-19 07:13:37
Of course you’re ready!

You get to Beth’s apartment, and asks you to wait a second while she gets something.



bird on skateboard



Now for a real choose your own adventure: you get to choose how much of a dumbass Klaus looks like!

Press the spoiler to help Klaus make a dumbass face while waiting for a reaction.



i love it *clicks 100 times*

bird on skateboard

just making sure I didn’t forget how to draw


going to be real ironic when the last picture I ever post in this topic is called welcomeback.png



…do you dare?

Of course you do.



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