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Let's Go On (the last 1/5th of) An AdVeNtUrE!!!!

choose your own adventure pinned tetris

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Remember move minigame

Ask the guy in the other cell to explain

Well officer robot, he was with me the whole time. I think. It’s been a few months whatev

OR just like,

give the robot way too much info laying out the whole situation in front of everybody in cartoonishly specific detail

Klaus wont think of this but if there’s something the robot knows that he doesn’t about all this and we’re getting played then it’ll come out, and either way the joachim issue will be all out in the open for ppl to deal with

Okay while this is happening better have the guy seize his opportunity and talk to the other guy while the time is still ripe or w/e

fuck idk

we have that thing with our bf right, we dont wanna miss that

but we also have some kinda quest issue that might be time sensitive too

maybe bring joachim along to the party and try to do both?

uhh fuck idk

lets check our quest log

Why don’t we call Mitch and just check in maybe, could give us a better idea how to plan our immediate future

Actually we should walk Joachim home or to his friends or whatever and call Mitch on the way

We can ask Beth to keep an eye on Joachim and call us if there’s any trouble while we go on our date? Maybe she’s got a scrying spell so she can do it from home?

How many pages are left on the blue sight topic at this point

This owns

Klaus is a slut, get her number too

Button up shirt with the mitch pants

Red Menace, baby

mostly because making meep draw the scouty shirt all the time would probably drive him crazy

From: s1rnight at 2021-01-25 17:48:17
the one with the sonic shirt !!

The cop cow shirt?

Sorry, give him the whole bag and let him pick his own

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