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Let's Go On (the last 1/5th of) An AdVeNtUrE!!!!

choose your own adventure pinned tetris

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bird on skateboard

With your heroic reflexes, you manage to get your knees up just before you are slammed into the wall.


As you hit the wall, you manage to knee your assailant in the midsection, forcing them to get off you.


Now you’re ready to fight for real.


And it looks like they are, too.


You quickly go over your fighting styles in order to decide to how to combat this vampire lady.


Your two fighting styles, Karate and Puroresu, seem like they would both be equally effective against her, as far as you can tell so far. There are some that look down on puroresu, but one of those techniques allowed you to score your first point on your older brother when the two of you sparred as kids…


How did you do that again? You must have-

Whoops! You can’t go into a side story inside another side story!

Maybe you should just decide how to attack the vampire.


puroresu -> suplex

bird on skateboard

You decide to use an all-time classic Puroresu technique to attack.

Some people need ropes to jump off of to do this one…


But not you!





Looks like you made her mad. Good.

Whats your next move? Keep up the attack or prepare to defend and counter? Try to fool her into thinking you’re only trained in Puroresu skills or use a mixed style?


counter in a uh, puroresu way
trick her with some karate later

bird on skateboard

It looks like she’s committing to charging you. With her size advantage, it probably seems like a safe move.


Unfortunately for her, you’re already ready to counter her.


Bet she wasn’t expecting that!


Now that you’ve got her on the ground, you can really put the hurt on. You can go with a straight punch or an elbow drop, or if you think she’s not going to be getting up very quickly, you can go in for a submission hold.


elbow drop!

bird on skateboard

You’re not sure she’ll be down long enough or out of it enough to go in for a submission, so you go for the classic elbow drop.


Here you go! Push off, hop, bounce, hop…


bring up the leg, get the angle of the elbow right, and…



Looks like she’s still got some fight in her yet.


If you could hit her with another one of your signature moves now, that’d put her down for sure. Now, what’s that move again?

Your opponent on one knee, you, a few paces away…


Remember move minigame

This is it! The perfect opportunity-


Step up on the knee and…


Shining Wizard!




It feels like you’ve been holding this stupid plasma ball for months…


You’ve got this guy locked down, but when are the security robots going to get here? This guy needs to be locked up, not locked down.


Something must be malfunctioning somewhere, you’ve never seen a fight in the guild building go on this long without the security golems showing-



Well, they finally showed up.

Sure, you were fighting, but it wasn’t your fault. Hopefully this will be sorted soon, you’ve got a date tonight with Mitch.


You decide to look out the window.


You’re not sure why you thought that bar would be loose, but it wasn’t.

Well, you can still peek through the bars.


It’s just a very tall room with some prisoner in it.

You hope that you get out of here soon, but maybe you should do something to pass the time, just in case it takes a bit?


You decide to ask what your cellmates are getting up to tonight to pass the time.


Before Phil can answer, Joachim walks across the room to you, gets real close and says,


Oh yeah. You could explain what Phil’s deal is, but maybe that should be up to him?


ask phil to explain

bird on skateboard

Ask the guy in the other cell to explain

You decide to reassure Joachim that he’s fine, and then give Phil an option to speak up.








bird on skateboard


This guy…


Oh come on, it’s obvious he’s interested in Joachim, and if every time it gets brought up he just denies it he’s never going to get anywhere.

Should you take him under your wing and show him how it’s done, or just leave him alone?


help him

bird on skateboard

You decide to help the poor guy out.



(Make sure not to shoot plasma at them by mistake)



This guy…….


tell him we need to advance the plot and just explain it yourself ;)

bird on skateboard

Alright, this has gone on long enough.



You head over to the door.


Well, at least there’s some way you can help that boy. You probably shouldn’t just let him sit longer in here because he’s annoying.

But you could.


Well officer robot, he was with me the whole time. I think. It’s been a few months whatev

OR just like,

give the robot way too much info laying out the whole situation in front of everybody in cartoonishly specific detail

Klaus wont think of this but if there’s something the robot knows that he doesn’t about all this and we’re getting played then it’ll come out, and either way the joachim issue will be all out in the open for ppl to deal with

You decide not to try something fancy and just tell the robot the story from start to finish.


– one story later –



Alright, now just wait a second and you’ll be out of here, and maybe even Phil, too.




wait and hope

bird on skateboard

Okay while this is happening better have the guy seize his opportunity and talk to the other guy while the time is still ripe or w/e

While you wait, you can catch up with Joachim.



That was faster than expected.


Alright! Now that this whole thing is over, you can finally… what was it you were going to do, again?


fuck idk

we have that thing with our bf right, we dont wanna miss that

but we also have some kinda quest issue that might be time sensitive too

maybe bring joachim along to the party and try to do both?

uhh fuck idk

lets check our quest log

As soon as you get outside the cell, Joachim starts walking away.


You can’t help but feel like you’re forgetting something, so you decide to check your quest log.


Oh yeah, you should go ask Beth what happened with those two vampires that showed up out of nowhere to kidnap Joachim. Phil is obviously not some sort of vampire, so they weren’t working together. Maybe they were each stalking him independently?


Why don’t we call Mitch and just check in maybe, could give us a better idea how to plan our immediate future

Actually we should walk Joachim home or to his friends or whatever and call Mitch on the way

Mitch is coming into town tonight, but you’re not sure exactly when, so you call to check up on him.


…aaaand call!


You get the ‘out of service area’ tone. Guess he’s not close enough to town yet.

Now that you think about it, you have no idea what happened to Beth after that security golem took you away. You decide to give her a call and check up on her.


…aaaand call!



“Oh hey Klaus, what’s up?”


“Well, I finally got out, and I wanted to make sure everything was okay with you. What happened after the security golems took us all away?”


“Oh yeah, i’m fine. A little bit after you guys got hauled away a handsome blue-haired guy came by and asked me what happened. Said that the vampires must have been looking for new necromancers, since they lost one in the raid recently. Told me to tell my friends who do that sort of thing to stay safe until they figure out what’s going on.”


“Oh, cool.

What are you up to now?”


“I’m just getting a snack then I’m gonna go home and smoke. Wanna join me?”


We can ask Beth to keep an eye on Joachim and call us if there’s any trouble while we go on our date? Maybe she’s got a scrying spell so she can do it from home?

How many pages are left on the blue sight topic at this point

After that whole vampire encounter, that sounds like a nice, chill time.


Wait- she did just say she was getting a snack, but then you had to go and say you’ll bring snacks. Now you need to figure out a good snack to bring that’s probably not the one(s) she’s getting.

Maybe something sweet…. or spicy… or salty… or weird…….

Or some combinations of those…

Of course! Now is the perfect time to use your secret snack decider!


What’ll you bring?


From: It Is Good at 2020-09-08 07:49:45
How many pages are left on the blue sight topic at this point

It’s on page 96 right now, so like 225 more posts or something


holy shit
theres only one choice for me ;)

bird on skateboard

This owns

You decide to bring some spicy Tikos along with you to Beth’s. After teleporting back to the Magicians Guild Hall, you decide to stop in at the gift shop. You don’t know for sure that they have them, but they’ve got a big rack of snacks so they must be there, somewhere.


Yep, they’re right he-


It’s that cute clerk again! With all that you’ve done today, it feels like it’s been years, but he was here earlier today when you bought clothes for Kitty’s new body.

You’re going to be hanging out with Beth, then spending the night and then however long he’s in town with your best buddy, Mitch… do you need anything else?


Klaus is a slut, get her number too

Since all you want is Tiko’s, you grab a bag and head to the register with the clerk.


Getting both sale price without having to sign up and his number, sounds like a good deal.

He asks you if you need the receipt, which of course you don’t, so you leave. Who needs a receipt for one bag of chips?


You should probably go home and change before you hang out with Beth. Mitch is coming into town tonight and you want to wear something nicer. At least something with sleeves and no cargo pockets.


You head home to change before this evening.


Finally, time to get out of these clothes…


Before getting dressed, you decide to check yourself out, to make sure you look good for the date tonight.

You decide to try on three outfits:


At the back of the closet, from when you loved buying stuff from thrift shops as a joke,
Shirt with cargo sleeves and pants with no legs

• It’s funny
• Plenty of pockets
• Look like a scout master
• Feel like a fool


One of your favorite pairs of pants, with the shirt Mitch got as a present for you on a vacation years ago,
Cute tucked-in crewneck t-shirt with jeans

• Shows Mitch you care
• Looks cute
• Shirt is too big
• Might be underdressed


And then there’s always this option,
A button-up shirt and some nice pants

• Look really good in this shirt
• Show that you’re taking this seriously
• Harder to move around in
• Will definitely be overdressed for Beth, maybe for Mitch, too

Well, which one do you like best?


scout uniform imo

bird on skateboard

Button up shirt with the mitch pants

Red Menace, baby

mostly because making meep draw the scouty shirt all the time would probably drive him crazy

the one with the sonic shirt !!

Arcueil 31-tone

From: s1rnight at 2021-01-25 17:48:17
the one with the sonic shirt !!

The cop cow shirt?

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