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Let's Go On (the last 1/5th of) An AdVeNtUrE!!!!

choose your own adventure pinned tetris

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After a little bit of planning, you figure it out.


Perfect! Now there’s a clear path to the back wall, and it’s completely uncovered. Now, where did Klaus go?

Here’s where Klaus went-


Farther down the hallway/cave, there appears to be some sort of bizzare, shifting red field…


Oh wait, no. It was just a red curtain with the bright cave entrance behind it.


watch out it might be a teleporter! maybe stick something in it

bird on skateboard

Before you go through the curtain you want to check and make sure there’s nothing fishy going on, so you kick a rock through it.


You heard the rock hit the ground, so you’re pretty sure it’s fine. You wonder what could possibly be so bright on the other side of this curtain…


Oh, it’s just the cave entrance. And a whole bunch of natural light. Ow.


You decide to head out of the cave to take a bit of a look around, and see if you can get cellphone signal.


The first thing you want to do is get in contact with someone at the dig site. If you had a fancy new phone, you could probably just look up that girl’s number, but you don’t. Fortunately, you have the number for the Your City Adventurers Guild Information Desk. You ask the clerk for to be transferred to the Archaeologists guild, and ask that clerk to be transferred to Caroline.


You give her a brief explanation of the puzzles you and Kitty solved, and where all you went to. In the meantime, Aiden is carefully inspecting the back wall that he just moved the giant stones away from. Presumably, He thinks you had a good reason for thinking there might be a secret passage back there. Unfortunately, he’s wrong.


Aiden doesn’t find anything special while you finish up the call with Caroline. Now that that’s done, you decide to follow-up on the message Mitch sent you at some point while you were exploring.


Oh geez, you’re gonna get to see Mitch again so soon! What do you want to tell him?


While Klaus is outside doing whatever it is he’s doing, Aiden decides to check out another one of the doors.


After applying a bit of muscle, Aiden manages to open the door…


Interesting. Very interesting…

But, unlike Aiden, you aren’t there to look at it. You’re talking to your on-again-off-again boyfriend, Mitch! In fact, you’re telling him about the fight you had with those bugs. Perhaps not as honestly as possible, but still.


Now you’re looking forward to tonight even more.


Mitch is so cute.


So cute…

While you were on the phone, it looks like you missed something-


The call was from an unknown number, so you check the text to see if it explains the call…


The next line of the text just tells you the number to call back to. Well, whoever it is, they know your name, so you probably at least know them.

Well, if it’s someone you know, and they’re in trouble, you should probably see what’s up. You give the unknown number a call.


Hmm… That voice sounds familiar, but who?

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That voice sounds like your roommate’s little brother, Joachim! You wonder what’s the matter?





This is probably some sort of misunderstanding…


Hmm… Do you know anyone that looks like that, but also try to avoid Joachim?


You can only think of one person that might fit the description…


Joachim is definitely a spooky boy, but you believe him that he’s not a vampire. If it is Donovan that’s following him, all you need to do is let him know that. So you give Donovan a call, and ask him what he’s up to.


Ok, then it’s not Donovan.

You tell him about what’s going on with your room-mates’ little brother.


Oh yeah, those vampire were totally wearing maroon, weren’t they?

But why would a vampire- if that is, in fact, who’s following Joachim- be interested in some kid?

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Now that you’ve got that cleared up, you hang up and call Joachim back.


Hmm, he does have a point. Bettina made you go along with him the other day to help when he clearly didn’t need help.

But this time it sounds like he might actually need help?

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Well, he’s a little rude, but he’s not a bad kid. You decide that you’re going to help out Joachim.


Of course, you have no idea how to get home from here.

Maybe if you go back inside you can figure something out.




a portal perhaps?!
carefully approach

bird on skateboard

You call for Aiden, so that you can both check out the portal together.


Looks like Aiden has already checked out the portal without you. How rude.



let’s talk to caroline

bird on skateboard


Hmm, can’t imagine why that is.


From: Tiko at 2018-05-05 11:40:16
let’s talk to caroline

looks like we can wrap up this ruins stuff soon

bird on skateboard


Oh, there’s Caroline! And Kitty, too.



So, what exactly is up?


It sounds kinda like you guys are done here. Which is good, since you’ve got something else you need to do, anyways.


Well… you could try talking Kitty into it.


we should give kitty some time to be with aiden
wonder if there’s anyone who could help us 🤔

bird on skateboard

No, you shouldn’t try to talk Kitty into it, she’s fine. You give her a hug and wish her luck on her way.


Good for them.

You head outside, while you think about what to do.


Since Your City does not have a standalone Archaeologists Guild, it operates from inside the Magician’s Guild. Considering the sorts of skills archaeologists have, it was either that, or the Rogue’s Guild, and having a bunch of priceless artifacts in the Rogue’s Guild seemed like a bad idea.

And it turns out that you did think of what to do while heading outside! You give Beth, the witch, a call and see if she wants to help you out with Joachim.


You tell her to meet up with you outside the Magicians Guild Hall and hang up. Now what?

You need to go help Joachim with his probably vampire problem, but what’s your plan there?


confront the probably vampire directly and ask whats up and how are they doing today

high impact

love she way she’s using her phone lol
we can hang out with joachim, just chumming around
then maybe we go somewhere social (like a bar, or a, idk, soda fountain if joachim is underage lolz) and confront the vampire in an indirect way

bird on skateboard

While waiting for Beth, you decide to review the spells available for both you and Joachim, so you can figure out your course of action.


You don’t really know much about Joachim, so you don’t have any idea of what spells he knows other than the basics you’d expect any level 18 Necromancer to know. Every magician learns how to conjure water and to do simple tricks, so he’d obviously know those two. Summoning undead is pretty complicated, so he might or might not have finished learning a summoning spell yet. He’d definitely have learned some sort of attack spell, though, basically all the disciplines you can study start you off with one of those. Beyond that, it’s a mystery. He might have learned spells from some extra-curriculars, but Joachim doesn’t really seem like that sort of guy.

As for you, you only know two ‘real spells,’ Conjure water and Prestidigitation. Everything else you know how to do is some combination of summoning and controlling plasma, but you’ve developed quite a few techniques that could be taught as spells by themselves: Plasma Pal, Plasma Punch, Plasma G- wait.

All of a sudden, you feel a powerful source of dark magic approaching you from behind…


It feels like it could be some sort of ghost, or vampire, or…


hello Beth
what kinda spells you got?

bird on skateboard

is this dungeons and dragons

From: imgay at 2018-06-04 14:38:47
is this dungeons and dragons


high impact

It could be some sort of ghost, or vampire, or… a witch! Like your buddy, Beth, the witch.


You give Beth the quick rundown of the situation:


Beth can summon witchfyre, either to use as a light source or to burn enemies. She can summon a small portion of swamp up out of the ground, and bring forth grasping hands from the bog. She can use her dark magic to create fearsome illusions and she also knows a variety of curses: Curse of weakness, Curse of clumsiness, Curse of frailty, and so on…

She knows a variety of other spells, too, but they’re not really practical for combat…


what kinda spells
are they lewd

high impact

hey yall im on vacation so updates might be pretty slow for about week



Let’s see what happens if you combine Beth’s witchfyre with your plasma pal…


Your plasma pal has some autonomy, but is not very powerful, and Beth’s witchfyre is very powerful, but can’t move on it’s own. Surely, the combination of the two should be an incredibly powerful destructive force, it should be…


really cute?


is this the new paper mario

very kawaii but is it useful 🤔

bird on skateboard



OK, enough goofing off. To stop this vampire, you’re going to want a plan. Joachim is in the Magician’s Guild hall, and there are plenty of places you could think of to intercept a vampire stalker there. If you just call up Joachim again, you can tell him where to go so that the two of you can help him with his little problem.

You could arrange to pass him in the hallway and see if you can stop the vampire as you pass, or tell him to go to the library or cafeteria and try to spy where they’re observing Joachim from, or tell him to leave the guild and maybe watch the exit behind him to try and see the vampire leave. Perhaps something else?

What’s your plan?


i still havent read all the shit i missed
are there like 20 donovans now

You’ve just thought of the 100% perfect place to confront that vampire.


Assuming that the main owner is back, that is.


Oh, and also assuming Joachim is fine waiting a few hours as well, you guess. The truck does drive somewhere to pick up more ingredients between meals, and probably also take a break.

Maybe you should think of something else…


From: imgay at 2018-06-26 12:51:40
i still havent read all the shit i missed
are there like 20 donovans now

theres 4, actually



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Though you go there frequently, you feel like Joachim has probably looked at a map of the Magician’s Guild more recently than you, and might have a better idea of the best place to catch that tail.


So you dial him up, and ask for his idea, making sure to let him know you have a witch with you to help out.


Joachim suggests doing it in the cafeteria. He’s going to sit in the middle of the cafeteria, facing away from the main entrance. Naturally, the stalker will sit somewhere that Joachim can’t see, so they will sit somewhere on the half of the cafeteria near the main entrance. At some point, you and Beth will both enter through opposite side doors closest to the main entrance. Having one of you on each side of the room will give you complete view of the room, making it impossible for the stalker to elude you.

Sounds like a good plan, right?


densely packed hitlers

seems like a decent plan
lets not go ham on the vampire yet try to talk to him first i guess

bird on skateboard

That plan sounds mostly good, so you tell Joachim you’re going to do that and hang up. You’ve got a good idea to check the stalker out before you two attempt to stop them, and see if you can do it alone or if you’ll need more help.


Darn! Now what are you supposed to do?


Oh, now that she mentions it, you do vaguely recall something like that…



So how do you want to waste time? Chat up Beth? Maybe play that trivia game you have on your phone?

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You decide to check your phone to see if the Archaeologists Guild has paid you for your adventuring yet…


Nothing yet. Are they still processing quest rewards by hand over there?



because she nasty





Oh geez, that’s way better than your ‘Platelet Pal was too sticky!’ punchline. Maybe you should pretend that’s what you were going to say all along, or distract her or something.


write that down in our phone or something it was a good one gotta remember it

bird on skateboard


Uh oh, now she’s doing it, too.


You’ve got a good idea for something to say to prank her. Plus, it’s not entirely untrue, so that’s a bonus. Here goes:


Wait, what?


is the end of the adventure just everybody fuckin

dum thirsty hors

awkwardly change subject

bird on skateboard
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